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  • MicroVia

    Hi robertferanec,

    I have a question regarding the course: Advanced PCB Layout Course. In lesson 2, at 3:34 min you said “Because we are using micro Vias, there will be some short tracks and micro Vias..and that’s why you used the signal layer”.
    Can you explain it a little bit, because I am also not sure then to use microvias.


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    I didn't want to use uVIA from L1 to L3, because that would require a bigger hole in uVIA (google for VIA ratio). And I didn't want to stack uVIAs on top of each other, that makes PCB more expensive. So I had to use uVIA from L1 to L2, make a short track and place a uVIA from L2 to L3. That is the reason why L2 can not be an Altium Plane layer, but we had to create it as an Altium Signal layer - because we need to draw short tracks on that layer (it would not be easy to draw tracks on Altium Plane layer).

    Does this answer your questions?