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Grid differences between schematic library and schematic page

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  • Grid differences between schematic library and schematic page

    Hi all,
    as you can see from the pictures I have got some issues with the grid. I placed everthing in the schematc library in 100 mil grid, however when I was placed to the schematic page it doesn't fit on the grid line properly. .
    can someone tell me please what was the mistake I made?
    Many thanks

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    On the SCH Properties tab,make sure you have the snap grid option selected
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      Many thanks for your reply.
      Yes it was selected already.
      When I was un-ticked I was able to move every part and wire and be able to place it to the grid, but still got the same error message.
      I forgot to write for first time: I am using Altium 20. I have done recently some other Altium courses, and I noticed there is a few different between the Altium 20 and the earlier softwares.


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        To put a component on grid you can select Edit / Align / Align to grid.


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          Thank you very much for your help.
          Finally my problem is solved, i can move forward now.
          many thanks again


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            ZsoltFulop I just would like to add. When you ware placing components into the schematic, your grid setting was probably set smaller than 100mils. That could be the reason why some of your components are placed off the grid.

            The grid in Library and the grid in Schematic are two different settings - means, when you set grid in Library, it only applies when you are working in library.

            PS: To change grid, just press "g' multiple times and watch the current grid size in the bottom left corner

            Click image for larger version  Name:	grid settings 3.PNG Views:	1 Size:	61.3 KB ID:	15991


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              Thank you.
              I have a look on it.
              It looks like the aligning was solved my problem with the error messages,but I will pay attention on this for the future.