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Part repositioning on PCB

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  • Part repositioning on PCB

    Hi all,

    I am currently on lesson 4 and have an issue in placing (‘Repositioning’) one part on the PCB.
    This part is near to the IC pin 19, it is 0,1 uF 50V ,so we can find the same valued part in the project.
    I used the same part from the library, and used the same footprint just like on the other same valued parts.
    When I select this part on the Schematic, and try to ‘Reposition’ on the PCB nothing happens.
    With the other parts everything working perfectly but this only one part is not.
    It looks like it did not added from the schematic to the PCB.
    I have no error message with this part when I was compile the project either.

    I do appreciate every helpful comment and recommendation.
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    Sorry if I bothered anyone, I found the solution which was re-do the whole procedure for that part.


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      I am happy you found the solution.