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  • AHD Lesson 9 activity

    Hi Robert

    I have stopped at Lesson 9 activity.
    I have reached a point that I can not length match anything. there is no space in L3.
    if I move anything then I have to route L8 again. then length match again . and one or two routes completes. but there are more.

    please help me
    thank Click image for larger version  Name:	Untitled.jpg Views:	0 Size:	345.4 KB ID:	16198 you

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    That is exactly the point of this activity. First, do the lengthening of the branches and do the connection to CPU as the last one. That should help.


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      thank you for your response.
      There is no room on L3, I have to move the vias, then the length of branches will change.
      can you guide me?


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        There is no really much how to guide you. Once you place the vias, they should not be moved.

        Normally I do preliminary routing between memories, then I do preliminary routing from the CPU and at the point where the tracks cross, that is the place for VIA. Then I do the length matching between memories and then length matching from cpu.

        It's not easy - so what you are experiencing is normal. That is why we do the activity.


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          Hi robert
          i choose the expert PCB to route . may be it is too advanced for me.
          i will do my best.
          thank you