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Error when compile the given files

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  • [Solved] Error when compile the given files

    I have a problem when I copied the given files to my project folder as it was on the video(around 10 minutes in Lesson6 Learn to design our own Board course)
    When I validate/compile the schematic an error pop up.(see attached picture)
    Is it going to be a problem later?
    Many thanks
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    Drag and drop Schematic page [03] into the 28Pins_Project_V1I1. That should help. I am not sure why you have it outside of the schematic project.


    • ZsoltFulop
      ZsoltFulop commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks your reply,I done it but looks like it does not set it in order.
      Only the error message pop up,so hopefull not going to cause big troubles in the future.

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    Did you rename the schematic page? The green box is referencing to "[03] - 28Pins Schematic" but your page is called "[03] - 28Pins_Project_V1I1_Schematic". That is the reason why you do not see it in the right place.