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  • Library Practice Issue

    Good morning robertferanec,

    i'm doing some practice about library because tipically i manage in a different way (i use database approach) but i can't find the "IntegratedLibraryPack" as you shown on lesson 3 of Advanced PCB Design Course. Maybe i do somenthing wrong? Or i've to change some configuration in preference?
    As you can see from attached picture i've only that kind of choice, maybe the right is first? Component Library?
    I'm so sorry about this issue because i would like to continue with lesson and this part is important for me because i've never tried integrated library and i would like to practice in order to understand the difference.

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    Do you mean Advanced Hardware Design course (what minute exactly)?
    You can simply create separate libraries: one Schematic library and one PCB library.


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      Yes i mean that course, lesson 3 at minuts 19:38.

      But i've understand my mistake, i was searching under Library instead Project like you!
      That's my wrong and i hope this post could help anyone with this lesson.
      Thanks again robertferanec and i will continue the lesson as soon as possible!


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        Ah, awesome, so it is solved