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Advanced PCB Layout Course - access issue

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  • Advanced PCB Layout Course - access issue

    Dear Robert,

    I started with the Advanced PCB Layout Course and it is really interesting course.
    I want to work on the course from two different sites (offices). From one of the sites the access to video stream is OK.
    The problem is that I cannot access the video stream from the other site (I see the message: Could not connect to server). Note that I have installed the Flash Player and it works OK.
    I suspect that the problem has to do with router's/firewall's configurations, but at this office I cannot change them (remote proxy/router). Note that generally video streamings are working OK at this site, for example youtube, etc. Also I had normal access from this site for the Learn to Design Your Own Boards course from Udemy.
    Could you provide me any other options regarding Advanced PCB Layout course access from Fedevel site? (For example using the same protocols/ports as Udemy or youtube). It is very important for me.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,
    Kostas Papadopoulos

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    As Adriana explained in the emails to you, at this moment the solution is Online and Download option. Due security reasons, our current system is streaming videos through port 1935 (I was looking into different solutions, but it was not so simple to implement).

    We are working on completely new portal where we will be providing more standard way to watch the videos - as other services (e.g. youtube or udemy), the new portal should work on all different platforms and devices without need of any special settings. However, I am not sure exactly when it will be available, still a long way to go - probably around the end of this year.

    PS: The reason why it is not so simple, the videos need to be protected, so it is not standard simple video playing, it is a bit more complicated. Thank you for understanding.