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  • robertferanec
    Hello FurkanDursun thank you very much.

    I have seen that you contacted us also through email. Dominik is managing the translations and he is putting together all the people interested to help us. The best is to talk to him.

    PS: I mentioned to Dominik, that you are very interested to help. Thank you very much for this.

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  • FurkanDursun
    started a topic About Courses Translation

    About Courses Translation

    Hello Fedevel Academy,

    I just have seen your youtube video about "Free access to our paid course for your help with translation".
    Then I got excited. Because this issue is my dream. While I was learning much information "Learn Design Own Board" course in Udemy and then I decided to buy your all courses. But As I told you in e-mails Turkish Liras make it very difficult. I sent you emails for this topic at different times. And you replied my e-amil like :

    thank you. Please, feel free to add subtitles to our youtube videos, however we do not do it for exchange.

    PS: Please, do not take me wrong, we do not exchange work for access to courses, because we did try it in past and it never worked out (even people promised they will do specific task, they never finished it). So, we decided do not do that anymore.

    Have a great day,

    I promise I will finish this task. I created this title in Jobs because I think this is a Job. And I am ready and impatient to work with you. Please give me a chance and Let me show you my enthusiasm for Hardware Design.

    Thank you.