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PCB Librarian Versus PCB Layout Designer

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  • PCB Librarian Versus PCB Layout Designer

    As I have mentioned on this forum previously, I have worked for a few years in the aerospace field as a Component Engineer. I am still learning a lot of PCB layout skills. I have begun working to lay out boards for my current companies test station following taking an Altium Design course through FEDEVEL Academy. I am learning Mentor PADs now, but have not used Mentor Expedition or EDM. I am going into an interview for a PCB Librarian Position, but I have a few questions:
    • What is the difference in the pay and longterm prospects between a PCB Librarian and a PCB Layout Designer?
    • How monotonous is footprint library management compared to layout work?
    • What is the perception of these librarian positions from the outside? Is this considered a design role or something more auxiliary like an Engineering Service?
    • Has anyone occupied both a layout and librarian role that can comment on the different job experiences?

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    My opinion:

    1) I can only guess, PCB Layout Designer will probably have higher salary. Of course, it may depends on what kind of PCB Librarian we are talking about (probably a librarian leader in a big company will be a different position comparing to someone who is drawing schematic symbols of footprints), but the thing is ... being a librarian may be hard for some people (it may be a very similar job every day). And it looks to me, many people start as a librarian and then they move to designer positions. But, I may be wrong.
    2) People are very different. I would say, for most people it can be boring (monotonous). Some people may like that kind of job. However, once I asked who would like to be a librarian - no hand was up:
    3) You do not need to be an electrical engineer to be a good librarian (you can even be a mechanical engineer). To be a really good designer, you need to understand electronics and PCB layout.