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  • Part time work in PCB Design


    I am a full time IC designer in a corporate job and have recently (since past 1 year and 5 months) learnt PCB design.
    I have done microcontroller boards as well as iMX6 boards. Also worked on Wall Mount Laptop and Phone chargers.
    I also know Solidworks, hence can design enclosures as well.

    Parallel to my regular job, I would like to do PCB design for a client either on a contract basis or any other way, as a side income and to increase my experience in PCB design.

    I have tried websites like fiverr and upworks but its not working out.

    Any suggestions how I can takeup PCB design contracts or freelance work after my regular office work ?
    Does having a channel on youtube helps ? Any other advice is kindly welcome.

    Thank you

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    When I was starting with freelancing, I have got usually my freelance work from the companies where I used to work (not only the last one, but also previous company) or through friends of mine. Then of course, my own blog and channel helped.

    PS: The biggest problem when looking for a freelance job is trust - companies need to be sure that the freelancer will deliver. That is why companies or people who know the freelancer is the simplest place to find this kind of job.


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      Having a youtube channel may or may not help. I can't comment much on this but it'll help people who're looking to learn by sharing your knowledge.
      I think the best place is LinkedIn.
      Can you connect with me, I'll see if I can help you.