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  • Freelancer Looking for tips and work

    Hello all!

    I have 10 years + experience as a PCB designer. And someone asked me if I can do some projects for him and I agreed. He paid for an Altium license, but I don't get so much work from him and I would like to find some other clients.

    My question is how to find new clients for PCB projects only I don't have any HW skills.

    I created an Upwrok account, but I tried that in the past with no resolts. I'm in the process of creating an Website. And I started a Linkedin Page.

    Not sure from whom you usually get projects ? Small business owners ? How can i find them ?

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    The simplest way to get some work is through your friends who are already working in a company which needs some help with design. Ask your friends, offer them to do a small job first so they get confidence in your work.

    To get a paid work from someone unknown is much harder - people / companies first need to trust you. So you may need to generate some content where you show everyone how you work. At least, that is how I did that. But that is a longer way to do it.

    Maybe start a blog + videos and try to share them on linkedin so people can see what you do. Work on your own projects to show them.


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      Thank you Robert you're my go too person when I prepare for an interview. Great content! I have to search for some friends with small it companies but i don't have so many of them unfortunately.

      What is the best way to promote yourself as a PCB design freelancer? (After you generate some content)Is it on LinkedIn or maybe sponsored search on Google?

      Is it a good way to buy premium account on LinkedIn and message firms to ask for work? What's your opinion on that?


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        I only suggested linkedin as I have seen some people promoting their work there. I do not have the premium, so I am not exactly sure how it works and also I am not sure if sending out messages to people who don't know you will work.

        When I was freelancing, I worked the other way - trying to promote my work to bring people to me, rather than actively looking for people (I did try actively send messages out at the beginning of my freelancing, but that didn't work well for me - the same reason as I described before, people didn't know me and they were not sure if I will be able to do the job they needed).

        I would suggest keep trying different things - anything you think can help.