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Near field probe measurement

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  • Near field probe measurement

    Hi Min/Robert,

    Hopefully I don't ask something very stupid... but I just bought a DSA815 to get some grip on EMI on my boards and also for the fun of learning. I know near field measurement is only an indication of E/H fields and a measured apparent higher (less negative) dB signal is not always a sign of something bad happening. But can we say for signals with a specific +x dB (compared to 'normal' ) the likelihood of it being a bad sign is high in case of a specific height Y above the PCB?

    gr Rémy

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    Hi Remy,

    Great to see you here. Well, it is not a stupid question at all. I would guide you to this article. See , section 4. and


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      Hi Min,

      thank you very much! It’s clear to me now

      Both articles are very interesting.