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Hardware Design based on STM32F4

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  • phils-lab
    Hi Andrew,

    If you want to create a similar board from scratch, the information contained in the following videos should suffice: (Altium)​ (KiCad)​

    Otherwise, you can base your design off of the original LittleBrain broad straight away (KiCad):

    or the updated version (Altium):

    There isn't a video covering these particular designs in detail I'm afraid.


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  • SpikeHawk
    started a topic Hardware Design based on STM32F4

    Hardware Design based on STM32F4

    Dear community,

    In one of phils videos he have designed the little brain PCB that I have seen that he is using in later videos for programming on STM32 I would also like to design this PCB Board by my own is there any video of complete walkthrough regarding the PCB Design. I have seen a video of his layer stack manager where he designs in Alitum a board but is the same board as the little brain where he is using in his future videos?. I am asking because I just get started with the STM32 and I would like to design a pcb board to use it for programming purposes as he is doing with the little brain.

    Best regards,