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1K resistors in Bias Generator too small?

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  • 1K resistors in Bias Generator too small?

    First things first, thank you phils-lab for the excellent course!

    A couple of questions. Sorry if those are answered further in the course, I'm still on the schematic lessons:
    1. Are we not wasting a lot of current on the R104/R105 resistor divider, would it make sense to up their values?
    2. Are there negative effects to using a single IC with multiple opamps vs single IC per opamp? E.g. 1x MCP6004 vs 4x MCP6001

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    I can only comment on 2.
    In the case of MCP6004 vs MCP6001 the first will be cheaper if you use 2 or more opamps. That may not always be the case.
    The problem with the MCP6004 is that you need to cram everything together. The MCP6001 (single circuit) is therefor more easy to layout and as things are more compact, have better signal (lower noise, less crosstalk).