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  • Release PCB!

    Hi Guys,

    Before releasing PCB, what sort of checks you usually do on your design to make sure it is error-free?

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    besides the obvious like DRC/ERC i check all the ouptuts with 3rd party tools. odb, gerver pdf etc you can ask maunfacturing if they can send you plots back from your data before they manufacure it..


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      My PCB layout is split into two phases: Phase 1 - Connect everything as quickly as possible, Phase 2 - Improve PCB layout. So, I am actually checking PCB during Layout itself .. during the whole Phase 2.
      During Release procedure I only check the basics, usually things like: Solder mask vs Pads, Paste mask vs Pads (especially exposed pads), power planes (e.g. distance from edges), crosstalk between layers, silkscreen ( including checking if there is no typo in text), manufacturing notes layer (list of files etc).


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        I wish it was possible in automate PCB release in Altium, setup a systematic checks and run it for PCB release, like what we do for DRC/ERC check


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          you could try and look at the project releaser.. that might be something for you..