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Altium 19 Flex-Rigid PCB Design

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  • Altium 19 Flex-Rigid PCB Design


    I draw the PCB which including Rigid and Flex design. But I encountred a problem that is not drawing rounded flex PCB region using the define split line inside the Rigid PCB region. I am also comminication with Altium distrubutor in Turkey but they don’t find a solution for this problem.I believe that altium has no any tools to define rounded flex region.


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    Oh, I also noticed limitations in Altium and FLEX (e.g. I have not found a way to properly bend FLEX which is inside of PCB, I have not found a way how to define stiffener in stackup and show stiffener in 3D model, etc.). When I was playing with FLEX, I only remember using lines to define regions ... I used "Define Split Line" and I am not really sure if it is possible to use circle.


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      Yes I get it.So we should contact to produce such a Rigid-Flex PCB before design it. And I guess that wasn't used like this complex design often because even altium doesnt think about that