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Altium 18 BOM issue

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  • Altium 18 BOM issue

    We are having some issues in a Standard BOM when upgrading to Altium 18. We have set suppliers 1, 2 and 3 in library but when we create our Standard BOM the suppliers shuffle. The BOM didn't not follow the set suppliers from the library.
    I have tried the Active BOM and I have set the right suppliers but some info for supplier 2 and 3 are not visible. like the supplier unit price and stock even when I have enable it both in Active BOM and in the Output JOb BOM set-up. Please see the the image below for the reference,,
    Hope you can help me with this issue so I can generate BOM in the same set-up as before with right supplier and infos. Thank you.

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    There are some options which may need to be enabled. Especially check the TAB called "Columns" which you will find in the right panel inside BOM Configuration. Each Property has an icon, for Supplier, you will see this "Server" icon. You need to enable the "Server" icon in Sources on the top of the panel. Let me know if that helped (maybe in AD18 it is a little bit different, but look for SERVER to be enabled).
    Click image for larger version

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      I can't enable the option add alternative item in the active bom of altium designer 20. It does not appear in the context menu.... Some tips?


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        Do you mean Add Solution -> Create Manual Solution? I have not used that yet, but maybe that is what you are looking for?

        Click image for larger version

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          Hi robert, no i intend this:
          in my alltium designer 20 is missed the option "add alternative item" or "add alternative group"... i hope the image is clear.

          "To select a functionally equivalent alternative part, right-click on the part then select Add Alternative Item from the context menu. The Component Search dialog will open, where you can search the connected Managed Content Server for a suitable alternative. Faceted searching is supported, refer to the Searching for a Part section to learn more about performing a faceted search in a dialog that supports it."

          Maybe i have to install it again?

          thank you


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            where you can search the connected Managed Content Server
            - so you are using Concord or NEXUS?


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              honestly, i don't know what are Concord and NEXUS. I am using Altium designer 20 student version at the moment. Maybe there are some limitations in some features.


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                "Managed Content Server" is additional software where you store your libraries (and other things). The software is usually Concord PRO or Vault or NEXUS Vault or .. Altium keeps changing their names .. but simply to say you need a server with your content to use some Altium's features (and this may be one of that specific features).


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                  Thank you very much Robert 😉