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  • question on lines

    I am a beginner in the design of electronic cards, and I have some questions: what do the lines in this picture? they are ports or what?
    thank you in advance for helping

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    The first picture is about memory section.
    They are address bus You need care a lot about that while designing(PCB).
    The second one is test point which we keep on the PCB.(For eg., If you have an IC which is No lead Package in which you might keep a test point for the power pin since measuring the Voltage on that (Leadless) power pin is hard you create a test point for that and can easily measure the voltage.
    Have a look at this for Test Point (TP) on the PCB:
    If you're amateur in Hardware Designing, I recommend you to look at the Switching Power supply course or Some of the YouTube videos from Robert Feranec


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      - The first picture are off-sheet connectors (also called ports in other software). They are used when signal continues on different schematic page
      - The second picture, as Lakshmi explained are Test points