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  • High Speed Design detail request

    I am planning to develop High Speed PCBs (10 layer & 16 layer) with following specification Specification:
    (1) NO.of Layers (including Top & Bottom) : 10 & 16
    (2) Impedance in ohms : 40,50,34,100

    Queries send to PCB Manufacture:
    (1)Layer stack up details
    (2)Trace Thickness in each layer to achieve the above Impedance
    (3)Via size to be maintained in each layer to achieve the above Impedance
    (4)Board Thickness to be maintained for the specification
    (5)For Back Drilling - spec to be maintained in PCB design

    But no manufacturer is share the above request, So if anyone has their own detail kindly share so that i can follow & complete the PCB design.

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    Yeah. You need to contact the Manufacturer before starting the Design(Since it's 10Layer YOu must do that before starting). You can contact some of the chinese man. vendors they respond quickly(like Well PCB)
    Trace Thickness will be mentioned in the Layer Stackup Details.
    Via size also depends on your design. But you can ask for Buried and Blind vias.
    But May I know 34 and 40 Ohm impedance is been used for ? I wonder no 90 Ohm been used.


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      This may help (some stackups what we used, one of them is 10 layer):

      This may also help - example of the email to PCB manufacturer:

      To design a good stackup is not simple - ideally you would like to use an existing one. If you need your own, count with 2-4 weeks of emailing between you and a PCB manufacturer.

      PS: PCB manufacturers may not want to design the stackup for you if you are not a serious company or if they feel, they are not going to manufacture the board for your. Also, not every PCB manufacturer will help you to design the stackup. You can try these PCB manufacturers: