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Sync SCH and PCB library in the Altium project

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  • Sync SCH and PCB library in the Altium project

    I am working on a project where I had to generate the components both SCH and PCB from the project Schematic and PCB itself.
    After the SCH and PCB library generation I would like to sync the SCH and PCB library with one another since there are several Schmatic components where the Foot print is shown to be Not found as attached below.

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    if you go into the pcb lib and right click on the component you can choose update components in pcb (works also in sch).. this way you can do it manually.. if you want to update all. then go to project -> update from libraries.. and follow the steps.. achterwards you will have to update the PCB from the schematics. then it should be good to go.. one point first save both libs. otherwise it will not work properly


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      Paul van Avesaath , This is not about updating to PCB.
      Scenario is when I generated the SCH and PCB library some how the SCH components are not able to load Footprint from the PCB library parts and show as "Footprint not found".
      One option is I can again go to individual SCH component and then "Add footprint" from the desired PCB library which would be time consuming.

      I was looking for any quick alternate here.

      Thank you.


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        A now I see.. Sorry totally misread the question.. I think there is no other option than manually editing each component..


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          Maybe have a look at: Tools -> Footprint Manager or Tools -> Update from Libraries

          Click image for larger version

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