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    Hello everyone.

    Using Altium 15.1

    What is a typical "progression" from managing components through library files (Integrated, Schematic, PCB) to more "advanced" solutions? I put a couple of words in quotes to highlight that managing components through library files may be just fine.

    How might I think about this?
    What might some criteria be for deciding when to move to another library management solution?

    In both areas of my work life where I am using Altium, I am either the sole PCB designer or work with only one other designer.


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    • Library Files - Schematic library, PCB Library, Integrated library (small teams e.g. 1-2 engineers)
    • Database Library (bigger and big companies, but a lot of work to setup and maintain + you need procedures what everybody will follow)
    • Vaults e.g. have a look at Altium Concord Pro (bigger and big companies, some work to setup and maintain, you need to buy additional licenses, + you need some procedures how to use it)
    These are the most common solutions.Depends on how many engineers you have and how much time, effort and money you would like to invest into creating the solutions. (Sometimes even small companies try to follow some procedures and have a proper database / vault solution)


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      Thanks Robert.