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Formulas for crosstalk calc

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  • Formulas for crosstalk calc

    Hey then!

    I'm looking for formulas implemented within Altum calculation algorythm for crosstalk levels. Could you please help me to find them?
    How is it possible to estimate the verisimilitude of Altium crosstalk simulation? (30%?)

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    I only know there is an option to change the formula's for impedance calculations.. I have never used altium for simulation of crosstalk.. I do not think Altium is the best tool to calaculate NEXT and FEXT, because the models for these (S-Paramters) cannot be put into altium

    i did a quick google search and came up with this.but the altium guys seem to use Hyperlynx too
    Looking for information about crosstalk and coupling? Learn how this noise is transferred from trace to trace and methods for preventing it from happening.


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      Altium will not correctly simulate layout. If I need and our client has it, I use Hyperlynx.

      PS: This can be very useful: Maybe try to use Saturn PCB to calculate crosstalk coefficient based on the values in the tables and then try to achieve the same coefficient with your layout (e.g. maybe you would like to design your PCB and tracks the way your crosstalk coefficient is lower than -30dB).When you watch the video, you will get some ideas.

      I used this technique couple of times to calculate minimum space between tracks for example when I was doing DDR3 layout of a very high density boards.