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Help Managing the Display of the Connection Lines

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  • Help Managing the Display of the Connection Lines

    Hello, Are you familiar with the nice feature of showing net connection line in altium while moving a component?
    Well, for some reason i can not see net connection line of the specific component while moving it.
    after some digging around, i found out i can press 'N' twice while moving a component to toggle the 'net line Connect Mode' setting to 'Pad-To-Pad'.
    the problem is, that this toggle only applies to the specific moving instance, and when i place the component it goes back to 'Hidden'.
    I would like to know how to set it as a default setting, to only see the nets regarding the specific component i am moving, every time, without pressing 'N'.
    notice: i am not speaking about hiding or showing all net connections;

    thanks in advance!

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    press N once in PCB mode, then choose show nets - all
    make sure that in view configuration mode you have connections ON otherwise the above does nothing.


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      I struggled with that today. I am using AD 20.0.13, the newest release. If you type "N" while moving a component, it toggles a mode known as the "net line connect mode" between "hidden" and "pad to pad". I spotted this in the "heads-up display". Apparently, once you change that mode to "Hidden" it remains in that mode, and you will not see the connection lines when moving any other component. Even if you close the project, restart Altium, and open a different project, the "Hidden" mode is still on! I have no idea where they are storing this mode, such that it is remembered even after opening a different project!

      The only way I could find to get it back to "Pad to Pad" mode was to type "N" while moving a component. Then it changes back to "pad to pad" and will remain in that state.

      I hope that helps.


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        Thank you Tom Yunghans


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          Solution below!

          I am also having a Problem with this Topic using the latest version.

          Components which have many pins such as BGA or Connectors do not show the nets even after pressing N while dragging. I keep having to drop the Components to check the Nets which is quite annoying.
          I do not remember having this Issue using AD 19...

          Anyone has an Idea why Components with many pins do not show the nets for me while dragging in AD20?
          I have been looking in the Configurations if there is some limit to the pins it can display but have been unsuccessful thus far...

          Thanks in Advance

          Edit: I found the solution to this by Olivier Sohier on a Thread made by Tom in the Altium Forums:
          Limit on number of connections: 50 by default and is adjustable under "Preferences" => "System" => "General" => Advanced => "PCB.ComponentDrag.ConnectionLimit"
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