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  • 3D Body Footprint Following

    hi everyone.

    i would to report an issue and hope someone now ho to solve it.

    for some component when i place a 3d body in the footprint package, the 3D body will not following the footprint flip along X or Y after placing part in the PCB board. it do right for some component and it do wrong for some else component. so i tried, but can't, find differences beetwen them.

    i did a video to clarify it. so the switch is first moving with X and Y flip and doing well, but the connector, flipped along X and Y too, have only his footprint moved. connector's 3D body don't follow it's footprint.

    anyone could help me

    here's the video :

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    Do you get same result if you do it in 2D? (e.g. switch to 2D, place component on the bottom side and switch back to 3D)


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      yes i do (+10 characters)


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        Then it looks to me more like a bug (?). I would try to update to the latest altium - switch Altium OFF / ON, I could maybe also try to open the file in Older Altium .. and if nothing works, I would maybe also try to ask on Altium Live forum. Please let me know when you find out what the problem is - I think you are not the first one mentioning this problem.