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Circuit Replication in Altium

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  • Circuit Replication in Altium


    I need to design a small circuit which has many components and I need to repeat it in my main board. I intend to put components in the same positions in each circuit and route one of them but the other follow/ have the same routing tracks.

    I searched a lot on the internet but I can't find what I need ( for example this tutorial doesn't cover all aspects of what I want but it gives me a view that it is possible in Altium :

    I will be grateful if you can help me.

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    Yes, channels are what you may be looking for. I do not use them, so I do not have any tutorials, but I think I saw some on youtube - maybe like this one:

    I only create a video about how to copy placement without using channels:
    Simple way to copy placement between components or cloning / replicating placement of component blocks in PCB.You can try it by yourself. Here is link to the...


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      Hi Robert,

      I thank you for everything. I just followed the second link, But I can't create 4 copies of my circuit after updating the PCB. what is my mistake?

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        It looks to my like you would like to use the option from first link. I do not do use it, so I am not sure what the problem could be. But double check properties.


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          I really appreciate your help even you have not worked on it before but you try to help the others. My problem solved suddenly