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Import Pads Schematic Symbol Libraries Into Altium

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  • Import Pads Schematic Symbol Libraries Into Altium

    Hi all,

    I want to import pads schematic symbol libraries into altium. i hav follow following step for importing.

    1. I have two files – the ‘.c’ and the ‘.p’ importing files of Pads.
    2. In Altium - open project- select import wizard- select pads library and asc file type- and select import pads libraries (.c and .p) file
    3. When the process is complete, the translated schematic library can't be opened in the Projects panel.

    please suggest.


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    Hmm, I do not have much experience with importing PADS into Altium. I have done it couple of years ago, but I do not remember what the result was like (when I run import and it goes through, I am usually able to open schematic, but result is never perfect).

    Anyone can help with SCH import from PADS?


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      I am trying to import PADS schematic (.sch) into Altium as well.
      However, Altium has got a limitation in doing so and it only accept the ASCII formats .ASC for PCB and .TXT for schematic.
      Both of these imports are not perfect and require some after work.

      For the libraries... If you are able to import the PCB and Schematic into Altium you can generate both the PCB and SCH library components from that..