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Download component footprint and symbol from Digikey

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  • Download component footprint and symbol from Digikey

    Hello Everyone, As I am learning Altium (so far so good) it is very tempting to download the files directly from Digikey. My issue is how the files come, where do they go, How to extract and import them into a currently worked on project. This is for sch symbols, and footprints. I typically like to make a Project directory and store all items used for that project in that specific folder. Library management seems to be my struggle.Thank you in Advance!!


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    Hello awhite ,
    Digikey allows you to download the library model sch, PCB and 3d through "Ultra Librarian" and you would need a user account to download that which is free..
    Once you have an account you can download the required model in the Altium format..
    These will be downloaded in the native Altium Sch and PCB library format which can be open in Altium designer.

    Thank you.


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      If you are thinking to download components, I would recommend something more professional, have a look here:

      If you are looking to download footprints for a hobby project, try SNAPEDA:

      I have tried Ultra Librarian once, I do not remember the format.

      Import can be usually through Wizard, or it can be done for example through script ... usually after download they will give you a link or video to show how to import the downloaded file.

      PS: I would also recommend to create the footprints - it is often the best way to go with: