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PCB - Can you change the designators autoposition offset?

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  • PCB - Can you change the designators autoposition offset?

    Hi all

    Well like the subject says, is it possible to adjust the offset for the autoposition for designators / comments? When I'm doing really tight boards I often manually place the designators a bit closer in towards the part. I was wondering if there's a setting somewhere I've never found to adjust just how far out the autoposition goes?

    Thanks - Matt

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    I only know you can change some settings in System preferences -> PCB Editor -> Defaults. However I am not sure if you can set specific distance.

    PS: I am actually surprise, that autoposition of designators in PCB works for you.

    Click image for larger version

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      Autoposition has always worked for me even back to Protel 99. Unless I have a strange shaped part of course. Do you have trouble with it? I just wish I could reduce the offset. 0.65mm is fine for larger spaced components, but when you're trying to squeeze everything in I like to reduce the spacing. Unless I'm so tight I have to remove the designator totally, but I try not to do that where possible.


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        Normally I work with all designators hidden and if there is some space I will enable them by the end of the design process. Then I go through all designators and correct their positions if needed - and I usually need to move almost all of them.