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NC Drill Files generation Error

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  • NC Drill Files generation Error

    When I generate NC Drill Files, I get an error as shown in the attached image. Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks in advance.
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    Can anyone help please? Its kind of urgent. I need to place the order.


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      I believe, only a software guy from Altium could maybe understand what that error is exactly about.

      What can help are standard things what I always do when I am getting an error in Altium - restart Altium, create a new file, try something more simple, etc. Usually I try if it works in old or different projects (to find out if it is altium related or project related problem), then I try to delete some stuff from my current project to find out when it starts to work and I try to find out what exactly is causing the error. Or I can just do it in different Altium version or on different computer.


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        Thank you for the explanation. 😊I just solved the problem. Actually one header library was creating the issue.
        debug procedure: I opened the NC Drill files in viewmate and found that header holes are missing. Then I removed that header and error removed.