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  • Odb++

    Hi Guys,

    Does the ODB++ contain component detail? Can we expect to extract BOM from ODB++?
    Personally, I thought it is just for manufacturing and so component detail such as part number value or so, do not go to the ODB++, am I missing a point?


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    I do not use ODB++, but .... I know you can include a LOT in ODB++. Double check your settings when you are generating that files, you should be able to select what you would like to include in the ODB++ files. PS: I believe, ODB++ files may include all information to completely manufacture your PCB without any other additional information, once I was on a presentation where they were speaking about it. I didn't like that idea - too easy to copy my whole design.


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      When selecting ODB++ output, Altium creates a .zip and a .tar file and a folder named ODB. Do you know what is the content of each?


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        I was not investigating that, but I would say they are same / similar. E.g. some software ask for zip and when I upload the zip, it works oki (all data are there).


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          Does it make sense to have Variant data in ODB++ files, or it is just PCB data?


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            I do not use ODB++ often and if I have to, I only include pure PCB (if possible). No netlist, no BOM, nothing what would make it easy for PCB manufacturer to build (copy) the whole board.