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silk to board region clearance

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  • silk to board region clearance

    Hi Robert, When i am doing pcb layout in Altium 14 that means at the end of part 3, when i am doing design rule check, it is showing "silk to board region clearance(out of silk region clearance)" and count is 196. I couldn't understand what is it.. After updating schematic to pcb, there are round circles on the components like resistors and inductors. Could you please explain me why it happened?

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    sravan.aitha there is a new rule from a certain version of Altium (I think it's from Altium 14). This rule is checking for any Silkscreen placed outside of the board area. I do not use this rule (e.g. many edge connectors have silkscreen going out of the board region). You can simply just disable it. Here are two options how to do it:

    - Go to your PCB: Design -> Rules -> Design Rules -> Manufacturing -> Board Outline Clearance. Uncheck "Enable".

    - Possibly you can do it through: Tools - > Design Rule Check -> Rules to Check -> Manufacturing ->Board Outline Clearance -> Uncheck "Online" and "Batch".

    That should help. Please let me know.