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  • robertferanec
    Hi Peter, I am not expert for simulation in Altium. Did you try to link a SPICE model to it? Try to check: Linking a Simulation Model to a Schematic Component

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  • PeterS
    started a topic Altium simulation

    Altium simulation

    Hi Robert.
    I would like to ask you for simulation on Altium. I want simuling MLCC with its real characteristic. If I use simulation model from Altium library than is characteristic of capacitor looks like ideal capacitor (higher frequency -> lower impedance) but on real capacitor is on higher frequencies higher impedance. Please look for example this datasheet. .or some from other manufacturers. I need using ESR, ESL and impedance of real capacitor.
    Can you help me use this in altium designer simulation?

    Thank you
    Peter Sedlacko