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    Hey everyone.

    I had a question about the managed libraries in Altium Designer. These days I can see a lot of videos about this topic and it's really interesting. They're simply adding component and categorize the components and ... .

    I really haven't seen the very first things, how to create one and where is the menu!! Is it a additional component that's added to Altium or it's in Altium itself?

    I would be very thankful if you would help me about this.

    And here is a link about what exactly I'm talking about:

    I'm using Altium 20 but can't see any of these stuff.

    Many thanks.

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    Ok, I have found some information about this topic.

    Actually to use those options we need Concord Pro or Altium 365. They both offer the Component Types enabling component search.

    Here are 2 videos about this and hopefully can be helpful:


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      Yes, you are correct. Managed libraries are based on additional Altium's products and services.


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        Yes unfortunately, that would be great if it was unified system. It's really a nice tool actually.


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          Hi Robert,
          got thru the course, and now i’ve done a fresh altium 20 install ,

          i wish to create a master projects folder with each project i start(sub folder) having all/anything needed for that project.

          i CANNOT find anything on the net showing me where altium puts all it’s housekeeping stuff and or even where it keeps all my files….. they are scattered everywhere.

          i simply wish to be ABLE TO COPY my “WIDGET 1 project folder” and know i have everything i need to work the project in this folder……

          the altium documentation mentions things sometimes……but I’m so mad i could scream. when i create me a custom library, where does altium put it, where is the project put;
          where are my desktop settings and preferences ( colors, pin lengths, etc) kept at, what file name……and so on….

          i lost some stuff to a virus that locked the documents folder on windows xp years ago and so i now WILL NOT USE anything in a “documents” folder.

          i watched your video about company folders and loved the idea, but i still cannot get altium to put all of a projects needs into one simple folder and sub folders for each project i start.
          please help! no one at altium seems to have a list of what goes where in windows…...



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            I agree - I have the same issues with Altium. I would like to have a lot of stuff related to projects (e.g. simple example are layer colors and printing colors) and it is extremely annoying when I reinstall altium or move from office to home and settings are different there. I think, once I asked about this and there was no simple solution, so I just learned live with it.