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Multichannel design with a multipart component.

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  • Multichannel design with a multipart component.


    Is there any way to use multi part component in multichannel design? Please see the image below from Altium's reference. In channel 2 Altium places a new part as U4_2 but I want it U4_1B. Do you know how can I do that?

    Click image for larger version

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    I do not know one. We usually use dual channel amp like bottle neck for multychannel. So all what is before it is in multychannel ( different schematic) and all what is after (different schematic) There will be sad schematic with only amp in it. but we do that. I have done 8 channel boards, so filters, ATTs and amps was for each channel (we called them Filt_W1....Filt_W8) and 4 channel of 2dual channel amps (AMP_A1...AMP_A4) and that again 8 channel for mixers and amps (Mixed_W1...Mixed_W8) and alld down to two channels of 4 channel ADCs (ADC_1, ADC_2).