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Polygones and DB-19 connector

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  • Polygones and DB-19 connector

    Hello every one , some one can help me about :
    1) How to create polygones for GND and VCC planes
    2) The footprint , Altium designer , of DB-19 connector
    so urgent for my intership this link for more description of the DB-19 connector

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    You can watch this video on how to create Polygons and Planes..

    For footprint, Refer below:

    & One of robertferanec video on footprint.

    These days there are website providing ready made foot prints.
    You may visit Snapeda, Ultra librarian etc for the same.

    Thank you.


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      Thanks chitransh92 for your help i have visited these websites but i don't find it . Also i can made footprints but this one was deficult and the problem that i need it for interfship project and now i'm blocked


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        This is not very difficult..

        All you need is a part number.
        Check out the videos and you will be able to implement it quickly.

        "it looks daunting at start but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel"

        Thank you.


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          1) Could you be more specific? Are you asking how to draw polygons in Altium (where to click in the menu) or what should be the shape of the polygons (what is the right shape of polygons to use for proper layout)?
          2) As chitransh92 suggested, none of the footprints is difficult to create. Yes, you may need to spend more time to draw some of them, but slowly one-by-one pin I am very sure you can make the footprint. And it will be good for future, once you create this footprint you will get confidence and in future you will not be afraid of creating any footprint by yourself.


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            Hello robertferanec i asked for both , how to draw polygons and what should be the shape of the polygone


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              Ah, then maybe this can also help