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Polygones and power plane

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  • Polygones and power plane

    Hello , what's the differences between polygones and power plane ?? and why we use the polygones ?? .

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    - Polygons are positive - where a color is, the copper will be there
    - Power planes in altium are negative - from the places where you draw the copper is removed

    It is not easy to draw complicated shapes on Power planes. Polygons are easier for complicated shapes ... but ... polygons can be annoying (you have to keep redrawing them, sometimes you can not see through them, they may slow down computer, etc)

    We use polygons, because they are better for carrying currents comparing to tracks. Very simple example is that we may want to use them to carry higher currents (e.g. when designing power supplies or power distribution).

    There are a few more posts on this forum about polygons and power planes, for example here:


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      Adding to what robertferanec mentioned.

      Power "Planes" refer to a dedicated copper layer for carrying Power and Polygons refer to a localized small area of copper on any layer.
      Both are copper but it adds to the terminology of the design world and help explain the important concepts.

      With newer versions of Altium, They have what is called a "Draft" setting where all the objects can be individually configured so that only their outline shows.
      This immensely help while seeing through the polygons or any objects.