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  • Variante

    Hello, robertferanec , What's the aim of using variant in altium designe. If i use some component then i make them "Not fitted" so they will not be on the bom . So why we use this methode ?

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    Manufacturing different versions of PCB is very expensive. It is much easier to have one PCB and just fit / unfit some components to get different variants of your board.

    There are many components on boards what are not fitted. For example, if you would like to make a cheaper variant of your board - you do not have to fit some block. Variants can be used also to replace components, again, you can have an expensive board with big memory or a cheap one with small memory - still using the same PCB.

    Also, many times you have on board components which are used for testing but will not be used in production - again something when variants are useful.