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Altium Bus (unconnected line?!)

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  • Altium Bus (unconnected line?!)

    Why does altium give this warning for the bus (Unconnected line from () to ())

    how can i solve it?

    any idea?
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    A bus contains a variety of nets. Each bus net should have two connections. Is this true for the design you're working on?

    Did you create this schematic originally in Altium?


    • M. Namvar
      M. Namvar commented
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      no , i have imported from PADS.

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    It may have changed, but originally in Altium only numbered nets could be placed in a bus. Think of data and address lines (Data[0]..Data[7]). The naming has to match (bus vs. individual nets).


    • M. Namvar
      M. Namvar commented
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      another question :
      will this warning cause any wiring / routing problems? are these nets connected? can i ignore it or this is a terrible wiring issue?

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    I have not used buses much for exactly this reason. If the nets are on the same sheet with the same name, then they are connected, but it is not the bus that does it.
    Altium's modern alternative is to use harnesses. It is more work. I have used it often, but used mostly for (cable) wiring where we simply used Altium schematic not for a PCB, but a cabinet or bigger system.
    The only time I used a bus was with a "repeat" and that just looks terrible. And problematic as it generates a warning.


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      I agree with qdrives - what you are connecting is not really a bus. Bus in Altium may need to have same prefix and ending with numbers.
      PS: You can always check what pins are connected in Navigator panel. This video may help:

      From Altium website:

      Bus Connectivity
      A Bus is used to bundle any number of nets. To do this, the following conditions must be met:

      Each individual net must be identified by a net label.
      The individual nets must be named using the standard naming pattern <Name><NumericalIdentifer1>, <Name><NumericalIdentifer2>, for example Address0, Address1, ..., Address n.
      The Bus that the individual nets join must be identified by a net label, in the format <Name>[<StartingNumericalIdentifer>..<EndingNumericalId en tifier>], for example Address[7..0], or LED[1..8].