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SMPS Simulation in Altium .

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  • SMPS Simulation in Altium .

    Can anybody help me in simulating a Switched mode power supply in altium ? I got no resources regarding that.

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    I have always wanted to do sims in Altium, but find LTspice very convenient since I already mostly know it and It has quite a large following and support group on


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      I am not really sure if that is so simple to do. Switching power supply controllers are more complex chips. I am not sure if it is possible to get a model which can be simply used for simulation in a generic simulation software. But, I may be wrong ....

      PS: Maybe have a look at power supply manufacturer websites. I know, that some have support to design and simulate power supplies based on the chips they manufacture. Maybe for example something like this?


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        Besides the other comments from WhoKnewKnows and robertferanec the models of the controllers are either encrypted or 'merged' into a bigger application (ie. LTSpice for Linear and PSpice for TI). Altium does not support encrypted models. At least AD20. Perhaps AD21 will have it, but my question to them about it still has not been answered.