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Library Management : Using Data Library and Manufacturer Part Search

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  • Library Management : Using Data Library and Manufacturer Part Search

    Hi Altium users,

    I'm currently trying to improve our altium library management in my company.

    With the help of this video : (Thanks Robert), i'm able to manage the component in a mysql database.
    That's a great thing to have a centralize library.

    But i'm facing an issue when i want to take a component from the Manufacturer Part Search.
    It seems to be working in the video when you tick the "Microsoft Access" in Database Type.

    In the video, it is Altium 19.x.x

    I'm currently using the 20.1.7 Altium version. Can it be the explication why it's not working ?

    If not, i'm wondering if using a git submodule in the project, with a shematic and a pcb file for each component can be the best option currently.

    Data library is a great thing but without Manufacturer Part Search, i'm not sure it's the best option.

    What is the library management in your companies ?

    Kind Regards

    Florian FOUQUET

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    You need to be sure, that before you click into Manufacturer Part Search window you were in the library which you would like to work with.

    It is not intuitive, but for example if you have more libraries open at the same time, Altium needs to know where you are planning to import the parameters from Manufacturer part search. And Altium does it the way, that it will import the parameters into the library which was active just before you went to the Manufacturer Search Window. This is also needed to be done if you only have one library open - so if you would like to use manufacturer search window you always need to click into your library and only after then click on manufacturer search window.

    At least, that is what I found out how it works.

    Let me know if that was what you were looking for.

    PS: I am currently on AD365 and testing libraries in cloud


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      Hi Florian

      I'm using the same process ( mysql database ) with altium 20.2.5 and it works just fine


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        Thanks Robert.

        Indeed, I was in the "Field Mappings" tab when i tried to import from the Manufacturer Part Search.
        When you select a library in the "Table Browser", it's working.

        Not very intuitive from Altium, and i don't understand why it's not supported with the "Use Connection String".

        AD365 could be the best solution but i guess it's expensive. As we are a small company, we're trying to avoid unecessary costs.

        Thanks again !


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          We are now using the datalibrary management in our company. I'm just wondering if you versionned the "Library".DbLib file.

          Currently, we have conflicts due to this file because Altium stores data like the current tab opened in the library and others information about the use of the library.

          However, If the file is not versionned, you must create a new DBLib each time you clone the git library.

          How do you manage it ?


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            I have the same problem with dblib and I have not found a good solution for this. I just live with all the different versions of dblib