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LCD and shielding coverlays for flex PCB

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  • LCD and shielding coverlays for flex PCB

    Good day everyone.
    Have you ever used EMI films, grounding films or LCD materials as coverlay?
    My question is about how to connect conductive part of coverlay to ground in altium? I have no better idea than make as another layer with PI base and describe stackup on drawing in documentation. ( as example of materials)

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    I am actually waiting for AD21. From what I have seen, it looks like there should be more support for flex - maybe they will support it there (?)

    PS: Yes, I would describe it in documentation.


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      That is what i actually do now: in stack planer I make fake layer on flex , than in draft and in notes i make it clear, but 2out of 10 manufacturers do it all wrong.
      Also ODB++ do not support it. and not many fabricators work with IPC manufacturing files.


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        This is what I mean about AD21:

        Click image for larger version

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