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About slotted pad in Altium

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  • About slotted pad in Altium


    I have a connector with one slotted pad for a grounded pin.
    It is vertical with a height of 1.9 mm and a width of 0.9 mm.
    Tolerance is +/- 0.05 mm

    In Altium, the pad is made of:
    - 1 pad at the top
    - 1 pad at the bottom
    - 1 slotted pad
    - 1 track

    I copied all properties for these 4 items.

    I do not understand:
    - The location of +/- 0.508 mm
    - The diameter of 0.889 mm
    - The diameter of 1.905 mm

    Thanks for your help.

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    I think that this footprint given by a famous distributor has not been done following standard rules.
    I redit it using slots and everything is fine.


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      If you want help with how to create a footprint, or how to interpret info from a datasheet to create a footprint, may I suggest not transcribing the info via pen and paper by hand and taking a photo of it? Please share the original source of info. Usually a datasheet.


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        I did it to have properties of the 4 items simultaneously


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          I think I'll have an manufacturing issue on pad 88.
          Any suggestion maybe
          Thank you


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            Does the hole need to be plated? If it is a plastic pin, do not plate it here.
            What is the distance from the hole/plating to the SMD pads?


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              Yes. It should be plated. The pin is made of copper alloy.
              Distance is 0.15mm


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                If the slot length is just a little bit bigger than slot width, I often do this just as a bigger hole (+ oval PAD). Sometimes using slots can add extra cost to your PCB:

                PS: I am not exactly sure what is on the picture and what is the original question. Please could you be more specific? Or have you solved the problem?


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                  With 0.15mm it depends on the class you are using for the design and copper thickness. Your fabricator will have a table with:
                  - Minimum OAR (Outer Annular Ring)
                  - Minimum track to track spacing
                  Only for 70um (2oz) or more will the 0.15mm be problematic.
                  And as robertferanec mentioned, putting a slot of 0.85mm on a board is more expensive than a hole of 1mm. Tolerance may also be better.