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Altium designer 19 freezing

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  • Altium designer 19 freezing

    Hi all
    I'm following Learn Altium Essentials Second Edition course. At the third lesson I've designed the first footprint of a capacitor. After I assigned it to the first component and going to assign it to another capacitor symbol, I've noticed that the program became extremely slow, almost blocked. Swapping between symbols in the left SCH library takes minutes... Altium is totally unusable. I've tried to restart the PC but the problem persist. I've tried to reinstall the program but the problem persist. Any guesses?
    p.s. Win10 64bit, 16GB RAM, geforce gtx 1050 ti
    p.p.s. I've installed the program even on another notebook and the situation is the same

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    Perhaps make sure there's enough free space on the HDD or SSD?
    Confirm Altium is updated?


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      Hmm, it should work oki. Just would like to be sure, you are exactly following the course, right? I know, there may be problems when using for example database library (database library can slow down altium a lot in some situations), however if you are using schlib and pcblib, it just should work oki. I would try to install the latest Altium or maybe at least update the specific version with the latest patch. Some of the Altium versions are buggy.


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        Smething strange happened. I got the program frozen on both my PC and my notebook. I reinstalled the program but the problem persisted. I shared my project with other users and they told me they could open it without problems. so I decided to look for the next version of the program. I went to bed because it was late. The next day I opened again the program and it worked just fine. That's a real mistery to me. btw the program, Altium 19, is now working fine.