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Limit Routing layer from Sch Design Rules

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  • Limit Routing layer from Sch Design Rules

    Hi there!

    I am trying to do something but I dont find the key to do it! Anyone could help me?

    I am trying to limit the layers to be routed in a net from schematics. I used a Parameter I named "Routing Layers" (See image 1).

    The main problem is that I am only capable to limit Top and Bottom Layers from here, but my PCB doc is 6 layers. (See Image 2)

    Do you know how can limit a net to be routed in an internal layer, for example Layers 1 and 3 with microvia? It is this possible in Altium.

    By other hand, is there a way to define the stackup layer without creating a PCB doc? I mean, if I am the sch engineer and I dont have a Layout Editor License I cannot create a PCBdoc, but is there any way to create the stack up in oder to be imported for layout engineer?

    I am using Altium 19 by the way.

    Best Regards and Thank you in advance!
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    I don't think you can actually define internal layers from the schematic, you can create the rule from the schematic and them change it on the PCB.
    All this more detailed rules for layout must be created on the PCB it self and I don't think you can define a stackup without the PCB