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Variant Issue- Not Fitted Indication

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  • Variant Issue- Not Fitted Indication

    Hello All,

    I'm new to the use of variant.
    I've already created the two variants I need and defined all the Fitted, not fitted and alternative component for each version.
    My problem is that when I print the sch it isn't marking with a red cross the Not Fitted Components.

    I've already went to the Variant Manager and defined it on the drawing style.
    On the output job I have the 3 option : No Variation, Variant1 and Variant2 . I've select variant 1 but when I generate the SCH it shows the component without any indication.

    Does anyone know what am I missing here ?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Bruno

    don't know what you're missing, but this is my custom configuration and it works
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      It seems the problem is related related with the fact that I have an individual output for each page ( so I can order them as I please ).
      if I created a configuration like the one you showed it prints the Not Fitted as it should but the pages are out of order.
      Is there a way I can put the page on the order I choose with the configuration as you have ?

      Thank you for the help.


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        go to Tools\Annotation\Number schematic sheets, here you can set the sheets order with the SheetNumber


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          Did you set the variant when generating the outputs?

          Click image for larger version

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