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  • Schematic Component Font

    Hi there! I just imported some projects to Altium Designer made in Eagle, however i would like to change the default font, but I just cannot find the way to change the font of the components, perhaps somebody in the forum know how to do it? I will appreciate any help.

    Thanks a lot!

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    you can change all your default options on Preferences\schematic\Defaults


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      Hi there, I have tried this, but even if I change the default options the current elements in the schematic library remain the same, which is a little bit annoying.


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        I think that default designator settings have nothing to do here. Try adding new components from library - then they should follow default settings. But not imported/copied components - they have some font settings already set.

        What I would suggest is to manually change font settings.

        1. Go to SCH Filter panel and filter for IsDesignator. Make sure to check All Objects and Select for objects passing the filter and Deselect for objects that don't pass the filter.
        2. Apply.
        3. Now you should have selected all Designators in current sheet/project documents (depending what you have chosen). Go to Properties panel and change their font.
        4. Do the same, but filter for IsParameter.
        5. Now repeat again, but filter for IsPin. Here in Properties panel you need to go to Font Settings section and there you can change pin font.

        Hope it will help you!


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          Hi przemek that one helped me change the parameters, awesome thanks!!