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Copper Balancing/ Copper Thieving creation

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  • Copper Balancing/ Copper Thieving creation

    Hello all,
    Could you please share how you are designing copper balancing?

    I am trying to follow the approach proposed here Via Stitching for advanced copper thieving venting patterns - YouTube, by using Via Stitching. For some reasons I cannot repour polygons out of the board outline, I am not sure if it is a setting I can play with or by default. I am using Altium 20.2.6 version.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I would be also interested to see some comments on this - I do not do that, so I am curious.


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      Before moving the polygons , go to "Polygon actions - explode selected polygons to free primitives"
      everything else is pretty much the same
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        If it is balancing the copper between layers to prevent a bend board there are other options:
        - place a polygon on the top too (all layers have polygons)
        - Use the hatched option for the polygon
        - Place polygon pour cutouts
        Do remember to connect the copper as much as possible (no floating islands) as it will cause problems. or even better the discussion that followed (not recorded that I know of) where the floating part was discussed with Eric, Steve Sandler and Rick Hartley (if I remember correctly).
        I always place polygon pours on all layers and stich them together (manually) as much as possible. Islands are removed and the net is Gnd.