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ALTIUM and design mouse bites inside the Embedded Board Array/Panelize

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  • ALTIUM and design mouse bites inside the Embedded Board Array/Panelize

    I've two questions about the panelization matter inside Altium.

    The first is if is possible to add in an automatical way the mouse bites to an existent milling route path or if the only way is to manually add the necessary non metallized holes by input the xy coordinate for each hole (so perform forst a CAD study where to put the holes and the after that manually place the holes inside the panel pcb).

    Another question is if is possible to slice (Edit -> Slice Tracks when the PCB is into 2D view mode) the milling route path on a circular path, apparently (Altium version 18) seems to me not possibile perform the route slicing on a circular route path, but only on a linear segment.

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    Hi Fire Fox
    (nice name!)

    You can slice tracks with the shortcut E + K (Edit + Slice tracks). The slice size will correspond to your selected grid size. I like my grid to be small when doing this, unless I want a specific size cut in the track. This does not work on arcs, and without testing, I'm guessing that it also doesn't work on accordions (length tuning squiggles).

    I put mouse bites on the PCB itself before adding the board to the panel as an array. I'm not aware of a better way to achieve this, but I'm curious to find out.
    In my library, they are a manual footprint, with primitives on the board outline and route tool path where I need them.

    I really hope this helps you. Please let me know if it doesn't.

    Kind regards,
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      Hi Dan thank for your answer!
      Well was my suspect that isn't possible to perform slicing on a curver route path and also that is not possible to add ina more automatic way the mouse bites... it would be very great have this feature added...

      Thanks again.
      Best regards!


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        I cut curves in Solidworks and import the DXF into Altium, especially for complicated geometry. Can you do something like that?
        The alternative is to play around with the start/stop angles.

        Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
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          FIRE FOX and DanR, this is interesting. Thanks for sharing.