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Show connections when using the reposition selected component

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  • Nikosant03
    Ok I figure it out.. when you drag a componet and press the hotkey N you can circulate around three options regarding the connection lines:
    -Hidden (No connection lines)
    -Pad to Pad connect
    -Break (Route to Route)

    In my case it was selected the option "Hidden", that's why I couldn't see the connection lines

    You may find this post usefull

    Do you know if there is any configuration about this from the preferences?

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  • Show connections when using the reposition selected component

    Hi robertferanec,

    First things first thank you for your effort!! I'm watching your video and I see that when you're placing components using reposition selected component the connections of the selected components are visible.

    In my case when I "hide all" the connections and then start placing the components the connections are not visible as you can see below:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_109.png
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    I believe that this is somehow related with the settings but I cannot figure it out.. any advice?