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  • Schematic Library Batch Alteration

    Hi Folks,

    If I have a .SchLib file with a larger number of components, how can I change a property in every component?

    For example, the font for the reference designator is typically Times New Roman by default. If I have 100 parts in the library, and wanted to change the font of the reference designators to something else, is there a way to apply that font setting to all of the parts' reference designators at once VS editing the reference designator font setting per part?

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    There is Tools -> Parameter manager, but I so not think that you can change the font through that.
    But are the font settings already "manual"? If not, then change the default setting in the preferences.


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      Try SCHLIB List Panel (do not forget to select ALL COMPONETS) - there you can change also fonts for different objects:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	change parameters for all components in schlib.PNG
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        Excellent! I'll try it!

        I think you have found just what I'm looking for. I can get this list to show the designator font types of all of the parts, but not the size. I think it's just a matter of selecting the right column to add to the list. Thanks! When I get a chance to mess with this I will report back.
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          robertferanec Nice.

          WhoKnewKnows The size if after the font name, just increase the width of the column.